Milwaukee Valve

Manufacturing Actions

Waste Minimization Plan Goals

· Increase protection of the environment

· Increase protection of employee and public health

· Comply with all state and federal environmental laws

· Source reduction and recycling

· Reduce waste management and compliance costs



· Machining waste chips are dried in the chip processing room, recycled either by the foundry or are shipped off site for recycling.

· Foundry slag, steel chips, cardboard, waste oil, and office paper are shipped off site for recycling.

· Work cooperatively with Supply Chain to recycle packaging materials

· Focus on using re-usable packaging to reduce unnecessary waste


Foundry Sand TETS

Milwaukee Valve uses Totally Enclosed Treatment Systems (TETS, as defined under RCRA) to add treatment chemicals into the depleted sand streams prior to the emission control equipment. This stabilizes the lead in the sand in process before the waste is generated. The sand that is stabilized by TETS passes Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and is allowed to be disposed as non-hazardous waste. The Foundry waste sand is shipped off site for beneficial reuse.

Waste Minimization Plan

Waste Coolant Evaporation

Waste machine coolant and mop water are electrically evaporated. Milwaukee Valve has two evaporators that combined are capable of evaporating 17 gallons of wastewater per hour. Waste coolant and mop water are taken in the chip processing room were the oil is skimmed off and the water is evaporated. The oil and sludge is shipped off site for recycling.


Oil Absorbents

Milwaukee Valve uses disposable and reusable oil absorbents. The disposable oil absorbent was analyzed and re-profiled as non-hazardous waste in 2000. The reusable absorbents are laundered off site and the oil is recycled. 


Fugitive Emissions

A new dust collector was installed to increase the collection efficiency of the foundry melting and pouring operations. This has reduced the fugitive emissions of lead and zinc.


Coolant Recovery

Milwaukee Valve is installing a coolant recovery system. The machine coolant in some machines has been changed to a coolant that can be collected and decanted. The coolant will be allowed to sit 2-3 days in a decant tank to remove solids and tramp oil. The decanted coolant will be reused and the solids and oil will be sampled and disposed of off site.


Energy Control System

Milwaukee Valve has installed an Energy Control System in the Prairie du Sac facility which has significantly reduced the consumption of power in the manufacturing process.

The beautiful Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Valve’s Waste Minimization Plan is in place to continuously improve practices that will reduce waste and reduce any negative impact to  the surrounding environment.