Milwaukee Valve

· Automatic light switches and controls to reduce unneeded consumption

· Energy efficient light bulbs and equipment

· Cooling towers are used to re-cool machine coolant water. Once re-cooled the water may be recycled for further cooling rather then using additional water.

Conserving—Energy and water saving

· Video-conferencing used when possible to reduce unnecessary travel

· Promote use of car-pooling to work and between sites

· Relocated sites to be closer together to reduce unnecessary travel

Travel—Reduction efforts

· To maintain employee health Milwaukee Valve’s US  facilities are smoke-free

· Proactive efforts to actively  filter air

· Reusable floor mats

Health—Hygiene, health and Safety

Trade Associations & Resources

Best Green Practices

Purchasing—Buy recycled, reusable , refillable or recyclable products

· Purchase products made from recycled materials

· Shop locally where possible

The beautiful Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

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To assist you to better understand the process of going green and to help you join us in creating a greener environment we have included additional Trade Associations and Resources.