Milwaukee Valve

Not only can Milwaukee Valve help builders and suppliers meet their own LEED initiatives but it makes good environmental and economical sense to go Green.

Why Go Green?

Going green is the right thing to do to protect the environment for ourselves and to be good stewards for our many generations to come.

It’s the right thing to do

Suppliers can benefit by pursuing green in many ways:

· Products supporting LEED are more competitive because they help builders meet the concerns and demands of environmentally conscience buyers

· Products will assist builders meet LEED ratings


Benefits to the Suppliers

The United States Building Council states that pursuing LEED rated projects can benefit builders as follows:

· Completed buildings will be more energy efficient

· Buildings will be appraised at higher values because they  are using products that in demand by today’s buyers

· Increased demand for occupancy

· Better value to the community


Benefits to the Builders

Responsible Manufacturing

Milwaukee Valve is committed to minimizing the impact to our natural resources.

· Ingot used to manufacture parts is made of 98% recycled materials

· Internal scrap is reused in the manufacturing process

· All parts in our Manufactured valves are recyclable

· Better value to the community


The beautiful Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin